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Renzo Massarani – 3 Song – Claudia Hasslinger, Gregorio Nardi

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Azulão – A saudade dos provincianos – Occhi
by Renzo Massarani

Claudia Marie-Thérèse Hasslinger mezzo-soprano
Gregorio Nardi piano

In collaboration with
ICAMus – The International Center for American Music

The Italian-Brazilian Jewish composer Renzo Massarani (Mantova 1898 – Rio de Janeiro 1975) studied with Franz Schalk in Vienna and with Ottorino Respighi in Rome. His works had been highly appreciated until the promulgation of the fascist racial laws in 1938 marked the end of his musical career in Italy.

In 1939 he took refuge with his family in Rio de Janeiro where he was granted the Brazilian citizenship in 1945. [… continua]











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